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In 2015, geoMinds was engaged by one of the leading construction companies in Southeast Asia to apply a GIS-based analysis to systematically screen for new hydropower opportunities in the region. In the Lao PDR, many large hydropower projects have been already identified, but the systematic hydropower potential assessment of the entire country provides information in order to identify new large hydropower projects (60MW+).

The scope of the project was:

To locate sites suitable for hydroelectric power generation, preliminary studies and sufficient knowledge of the topography, the stream network as well as its flow regime were required. Although this kind of data was only insufficiently available at the minimum required quality level for the entire country, the GIS-based analysis hydroMinds tool, a computer-based analysis and decision-support system for siting economically viable hydropower opportunities was adapted to run a countrywide assessment of tropical watersheds in southeast asia. A regionally applicable run-off model, as well as validated elevation data products, high quality maps of the vegetation structure and soil information were used in the several sub-tools of the hydroMinds model taking into account the physical, hydrological and technical conditions allowing the assessment even of large remote areas with a fair overall accuracy.
geoMinds provided the company with a detailed report and several maps to allow the estimation of the hydropower potential of the countries‘ river network, as well as highlighting sites which could be visited and studied in more detail.

Major rivers and main catchments of Lao PDR with a minimum head of 2,000 km²

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