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geoMinds - Geo-Solutions and Consulting was founded in 2010 providing customers with innovative and comprehensive geography- and remote sensing-referred services to face the challenges of the 21st century with effective solutions.

Transforming Ideas into Reality.
geoMinds is specialized in developing customized Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Starting with a detailed requirement assessment, we cover the entire development process including technical advisory, integrating regionally and technically applicable geodata models, implementing the GIS software tool and supporting the client’s day to day work by offering individually customized software trainings and workshops. Being experienced in interdisciplinary approaches, we advise projects in the field of the international cooperation as well as privately owned and government driven projects, including both, short- and long-term international assignments.

Our consultancy services include:
Being active in sensitive sectors, we believe that it is absolutely essential to balance all ecological, economical and socio-cultural needs of our regional partners and stakeholders as well as those of the local population. Each individual project is unique and demands extraordinary commitment, flexibility, responsibility and passion for excellence. When developing solutions for our clients, time- and cost-effectiveness are our top priorities. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.

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